If you judge people, you have no time to love them

You will find that people are often blind to your being kind. But continue to be nice , for at least one person will see and that should suffice.

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On Thursday, I’m going to play beach volleyball. … I cannot play volleyball so this might be a problem. Lol. Perhaps I should look up the rules at least.

I’m excited though, cause it’ll be lots of fun. It’s because of this international grand slam competition or something.. and the organisation of that event have organised a side event that is a competition for all Dutch sports federations. The skating federation, I’m proud to say, has managed to get together two teams. We’re with ten people.

Huge advantage of working at a sports federation when it comes to this kind of thing: you get a pretty cool outfit :D

There will also be a barbecue afterwards. At the beach. AND, the weather will apparently be good. It’s actually going to be extremely warm.

I think maybe I should find a baseball cap or something. In order not to overheat my brain. Lol.

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One year  ago today, NCIS fans were shamelessly lied to by CBS.

And one of the most beautiful things ever seen on t.v. was destroyed.


I loved how an entire fandom came together, people from all over the world, and did all they could think of to do to fix this. That, while being so sad, made me happy.

I think CBS is still trying to figure out what to do with all those paperclips.

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I wanted to wear my red-white-blue and orange dress tonight but it’s way too cold. You know, Dutch summers… one day you can barely breathe it’s so warm and the next it’s as if it’s October…
But I just remembered that, thanks to my job, I have an orange “Sochi 2014” ski jacket. I will wear that. :D

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