If you judge people, you have no time to love them

You will find that people are often blind to your being kind. But continue to be nice , for at least one person will see and that should suffice.

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My mind did a thing

I’m not entirely sure how this happened… but my mind connected OUAT Regina/Evil Queen and  Russian gymnast Aliya Mustafina, who by many is also called Queen.
I’m totally intrigued.


I think it first happened because of Aliya’s floor music at the 2013 European Championships. Her music was “Queen of Hearts”. And that made me smile and think of Regina, and then realised that there are some similarities…Their death stares first come to mind. Both could definitely be described as being a bit of a diva.

But also just the fact that they are both very, very strong women. Both can have difficult characters at times but are capable of so much love and would move mountains to help people they care about.


Aliya’s “Queen of Hearts floor routine”, suitably performed in a red leotard :)


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I just realised we didn’t get a “Yo Linden, you’re my ride” in the final season of The Killing. He didn’t say it once and it’s breaking my heart :’(

Holder visiting Bullet’s grave also broke my heart. Into a million pieces. I was crying before I’d fully realised what was going on. Seriously one of the worst ever character deaths. Amazing what Bex Taylor Klaus did in just.. what was it? 10 episodes?

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TVLINE | There’s a rumor that a kiss was filmed and not used. True?
- It was not filmed. I knew I never wanted to film a kiss. That would have felt a little too pat. But, at one point, Jonathan Demme — who directed the finale — did a lovely crane shot that I decided not to use in the end. But it…


Within a year I’ve had to endure one half of a ship sleep with the other half’s brother, another ship finally admitting their feelings and kissing but one half moving halfway across the world and that’s that, and now a ship that kissed at THE END OF A SERIES but it’s not on film!

*Cries and walks aimlessly around the house*

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